Kamis, 03 Mei 2012


I fell like do something that I've done before recently. for someone there, i really can't understand you, I'm sorry. I've my traumatic story. here is
One day, i met my old friends from on line chatting. he greeted me, talked much and we shared phone number. After along time, he and me become closer. At first, i didn't fell anything, flat, but time to time i thought i was falling in love with him. I refused it, because we just chatted in short message service. And when i was moving to Yogyakarta, he approached me to my friend's boarding house. It was our first meeting after we graduated from elementary school. Time passed, he  asked me more often to eat, asked me to sleep, etc. At the first, i really enjoyed it. But furthermore i felt like boring and said to him that i didn't like it. Since there, he never sent me a sms again. I felt like something missing. I missed him. And i realized that i was falling in love with him, hahaha it was late, he was gone. it was my fault.

And now, i feel the same situation again, but it's different. he is suddenly lost. I'm so afraid to contact him first, I'm too shy. I don't have such a courage. And i'm sick of it. I think i must prepare for the worst. i lost him and be a broken hearted girl. just let the time finish it.

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